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Powers that Be
by Alex Roberts

The following is a summary of some of the better-known realms of Greek powers on Mount Olympus. There are dozens more belonging to minor powers and legendary beasts certainly, and perhaps these will be detailed later. You'll also find information below on some of the powers of the Greek Pantheon with whom you mightn't be quite so familiar.

  • Realm: Zeus and Hera's Temple
  • Realm: Ares' Fortress
  • Realm: Athena's Hall
  • Realm: Aphrodite's Palace
  • Realm: Hermes' Den
  • Realm: Apollo's Temple
  • Realm: Dionysus' Vineyard
  • Realm: Demeter's Field
  • Realm: Hephaestus' Forge (Also Nebelun the Meddler)
  • Realm: Tyche's Villa (partly deserted)
  • Realm: Artemis' Bower (small and little-used)
  • Site: The Portal Defile
  • Site: Golden Falls
  • Realm: Eilethyia's Infirmary
  • Site: Hero's Rest (Heracles and Hebe's realm)
  • Realm: Helius' Palace


Lesser Power, "Aphrodite's Lover"
AoC: Male beauty, hunting, the death / rebirth cycle.
WAL: Any
Symbol: Anemone
Home P/L/R: Arborea / Olympus / Mount Olympus (Wanders)
Known Proxies: None

Adonis is the male counterpart to Aphrodite, and popular in other pantheons as well as the Greek one. Adonis appears as a beautiful young man with hunting gear, and he is often depicted fighting a boar. Aphrodite has a very special place in her heart for Adonis, whom she saved once from death. He is a cheerful, outgoing type, and the other gods find him amusing and inoffensive. He has no fixed realm, but wanders Olympus, hanging out with Aphrodite, Hermes and Ganymede. Presently, Adonis is recuperating after being killed by Ares. For a god it was but a temporary thing, but it put him off the stage for a lifetime or more in mortal terms, and he only survived by having a toe in the door of the Babylonian pantheon.


Lesser Power, "Midwife of the Gods"

AoC: Childbirth
WAL: Any
Symbol: Unknown
Home P/L/R: Arborea / Olympus / Mount Olympus (Eilethyia's Infirmary), Arcadia / Buxenus / Heliopolis (Nekhbet's Sanctuary)
Known Proxies: Iris (demipower of rainbows)

Eileithyia (also spelt Ilithyia) is a kindly, motherly goddess, who is said to watch over mothers in childbirth and determines when they can be delivered. Hera has often quarreled with Eileithyia over the illegitimate offspring of Zeus. Hera feels that the women who tempt her husband away should suffer as much as possible, whereas Eileithyia wants to alleviate suffering. The kindly power is an ally of Apollo and Artemis, at whose birth she was midwife. Her realm on Olympus is a pleasant, airy temple-like building, reknowned for the skill of the healers there.

Amongst the Egyptians, she is known as Nekhbet, the goddess of the Upper Kingdom, and appears with the head of a vulture. Her realm in Arcadia is very similar in style and function to that on Olympus, and the two are linked by portals.


Intermediate Power, "Young Love"

AoC: Love, lust, homosexuality
WAL: Any
Symbol: Bow and arrow
Home P/L/R: Arborea / Olympus / Mount Olympus (wanders)
Known Proxies: Hylas (Proxy / human male / F3 / CG)

Eros is a very old god indeed, predating most of the titans. In fact, he's Gaea's brother, and has been around longer than almost every other thing. Despite his great age, Eros appears as a handsome child with a bow and arrow (similar to a form taken by a friend of his, the much younger Lathander), and the arrows are said to do no harm, but to inspire passion in those struck. He is often to be found with Aphrodite, with whom he works closely, although it's mere screed that he's her son; he's old enough to have created her himself. His favoured proxy of the moment, Hylas, is a former lover of Zeus' proxy Hercules, and Hercules (who recently attained demipower status) is thought to favour a reunion, although Hebe may be less keen on the idea.


Demipower, "Cupbearer of the Gods"

AoC: Service, duty, male beauty
WAL: Any non-evil
Symbol: Eagle's wings addorsed
Home P/L/R: Arborea / Olympus / Mount Olympus (visits all the good powers)
Known Proxies: Miletus (Proxy / human male / F9 / LG)

Ganymede was a prince on the Prime somewhere (it's rumoured that one of his successors was involved in the war started by Eris). But his beauty was such that he was spotted by Zeus, who swooped down in the form of an eagle and took him to Mount Olympus to be his servant and lover. As such, Ganymede represents the power of physical attraction, the benefits of dutiful service, and also the sheer power of Zeus, who is amongst the greatest of all gods, that he can raise a mortal up to godhead for his own desires. Of course, being a wild and a passionate deity, it's no surprise that Zeus would be most motivated by love and attraction. Ganymede is on good terms with all the non-evil Olympians, except for Hera. He has little time for Ares and Hecate, whose posturing and respectively macho and bitchy pretensions go right against his own mild-mannered character.

As a spot of trivia for proxy-watchers, Ganymede's only proxy Miletus is a former lover of Hades' proxy Sarpedon, who quarreled with his brother Minos about him. As the brothers are now reunited, Miletus is single again, but like his power, he's quite happy to do his job and get on with (after)life. (Sarpedon is missing from OHG, but in fact it should be he, rather than Aeacus, who completes the triad of judges of Hades. Aeacus is (Proxy / race unclear / P9 / LN), and although he's Hades' proxy, acts as his father Zeus' eyes and ears in the Underworld.)


Demipower, "Eternal Youth"

AoC: Eternal youth and vigour
WAL: Any, but especially those with an eye to becoming proxies
Symbol: Lettuce leaf
Home P/L/R: Arborea / Olympus / Mount Olympus (Hero's Rest)
Known Proxies: None (she never keeps them)

Hebe is the goddess who personifies the ever-youthfulness of the Olympians. She herself is quintessentially vigourous, and appears as a deva with a playful smile and a constant urge to run and laugh. She was until recently a cupbearer to the gods like Ganymede, but since marrying Zeus' proxy Hercules, whose realm she shares, she's stepped down and allowed Zeus' boyfriend to get on with it. Hebe is the daughter of Hera: she has no father. For this reason, her marriage to Hercules is a sign of tentative peace between Zeus and his proxy, and Hera. 

Lesser Power, "The Sun"

AoC: Sunlight
WAL: Any
Symbol: The sun
Home P/L/R: Arborea / Olympus / Mount Olympus (Helius' palace)
Known Proxies: Phaethon (Proxy / human male / T4 / Fated / CN)

Helius is the personification of the sun. His worship and cult are limited, although in island areas, where the sunlight and the winds it creates are vital to commerce, he is revered as a god of trade. Apollo, who also has jurisdiction over the sun, has been the cause of a slight waning of Helius' power lately. Helius' proxy, his son Phaethon, is a boastful and incautious youth, who longs to drive the chariot of the sun. It's widely said there'll be trouble if he ever does, especially with Zeus trying out lawfulness in order to fulfill his role as Jupiter to the Romans.


Mount Olympus

Being a collection of several burgs of the Mount, and an overview of the peaks themselves.

Memoirs of the Mount

Being a collection of stories, journal entires and chant concerning Mount Olympus.
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artwork by Jeremiah Golden and Jon Winter

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