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The Visionaries

The Visionaries

Every world has its thinkers and its dreamers, only for most, passive contemplation is as far as they ever get. In the Outer Planes, where belief's often more concrete than reality, these visionaries are the next generation of leaders, the prodigies of philosophy. It's their insight which greases the gears of the factions and inspires the masses to believe.

These are their stories...

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Whylo Aristar

Who Succeeded by being Perfect,
and is an Inspiration to others who Would-Be-Powers


Who turned stag from its Race, and found Consolation,
Corroboration and Comfort in Art.

DeMiro the Erratic

Who says Laws stem from Chaos, and seeks to Predict
planar Calamities using his chaos-born formulae.

Zhiki D'Vorkk

Who faces Life by being Dead,
and commands Attention through his Silence

The Faceless One

Who has come to Terms with Who she Is
only by Forgetting her own Identity

Fash the Tacit

Who sees More by seeing Less and takes
Sensory Deprivation to a Brutally logical Extreme
Null Ghentar

Who believes that the Dreams of the Dead affect the Land of the Living,
and prepares for the Great Dream

Palzari the Histrionic

Who stands at the Edge, not the Centre,
and seeks to Understand the Whole by realising the Boundaries

Varpar Hogar

Who goes Left by going Right,
and ends up in the Same Place nonetheless.

Imam 'abd ar-Rahman

Who punishes Beliefs, not Actions

Dherzil Kane

Who helps the Dead to die Properly,
and seeks to peacefully Purge the faction of its Unliving


Who has Opened her Mind to the Multiverse
and Waits for it to contact Her

GrandMaster Lorill

Who wants to Learn the Rules,
and make Sure he Plays by them...

Tomis Oathmaker

Who forces Creatures to Conform to their Natural Stereotypes

Zepherai Thunderstorms

Led by a visionary who sees the peril that the yugoloths present,
the 'Loth Resistance work to thwart the fiends' supposed grip on the Multiversal leash.


Who can Be in three places at Once, and usually Is.
Doubter Xashion

Who fights the Powers with their own Weapons;
her Belief in Disbelief strikes a Blow to the Hearts of the Faithful

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If none of 'em do that, you're either a terminal clueless, or a true visionary. Go find your own belief, whatever it may be!

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