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Philosophers With Clubs

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Philosophy ain't Just a Fact of Life...'s a Way of Life, in Sigil for starters, and even more so in the rest of the Outer Planes. The Factions are a group of fifteen organised philosophies (though some'd dispute even that) based in Sigil. That's really the only requirement to being a faction: a representation in the Cage. There haven't always been fifteen; long ago there were many more, only the Lady of Pain didn't seem to like it that way. Since her decree, no cutters've dared barge their philosophy into Sigil and exceed the number, though the Lady never specified her objection was permanent. Recently, it looks like it might be all-change anyway: it's common chant that the Ring-Givers have their eyes on the Greatest Ring of All...Sigil.

The factions ain't static, carved-in-stone things. They're living, breathing, emotional creatures. Yeah, even the Fraternity of Order! Recent big news and new facets of the factions are also described here, be they prominent members, plots, groups or threats to factioneers. There's also chant to help a prime tumble to the dark of the Way Things Are in the cut-and-thrust world of planar philosophy...

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Sixteen Secrets
A tiefling lullaby by Chris Nichols

Who in Sigil runs the show? Sixteen secrets that we know...

Anarchists love fire and blade,
They pull down those who've got it made.

Athar spit in the preacher's eye,
While false powers bleed and die.

Bleakers laugh and go insane,
There's no point and life is pain.

Ciphers act on whim and hunch,
Weird and mystic are that bunch.

Dustmen're nought but cold hard death,
Life is so much wasted breath.

Fated count the jinx they make,
Never give if you can take.

Godsmen tumble end o'er end,
Seeking always to ascend.

Guvners order realms of dreams,
Making rules and counting beans.

Hardheads are an ordered lot,
March left, march right, no time for thought.

Indeps are a motley crew,
Bloods and berks and shouters too.

Red Death saw your dirty deed,
They'll make you pay until you bleed.

Sensates reach to feel it all,
True bloods stand, while bubbers fall.

Signers think we're in their head,
But we'll remain when they're all dead.

Sinkers revel in decay,
By entropy we'll pass away.

Xaosmen embrace discord,
Random chaos is their word.*

Sigil's guarded by She Who Flays,
The Lady rules, now and always.
[* Alternatively, "Bow-wow you puce wombat running Bob fence."]

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Sectual Education

The most recent musings on the multitude of Sects of the planes, their stories, details on their membership and the current intrigues raging out of town. You can also learn of the lesser-known sects, and also groups of fringe philosophers which may amuse you...

Philosophy By Numbers

You might have seen those "painting by numbers" teachers, who'll show a budding artist how to do hue, tone and shadow by numbering colours and writing the right number in the right place. Well, that works for philosophy too. This is a set of factioneers' musings on their own beliefs, which you can use as these numbers. When you read something that causes a stirring deep down inside -- a revelation of your own personal truth, perhaps -- then you've more than likely discovered the faction for you.

If none of 'em do that, you're either a terminal clueless, or a true visionary. Go find your own belief, whatever it may be!

The Visionaries

Every world has its thinkers and its dreamers, only for most, passive contemplation is as far as they ever get. In the Outer Planes, where belief's often more concrete than reality, these visionaries are the next generation of leaders, the prodigies of philosophy. It's their insight which greases the gears of the factions and inspires the masses to believe.

These are their stories...

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There are Plenty of Planescape Books with Faction Chant Already...

Depending on what sort of chant you're after, you might be able to find it in one of the Planescape handbooks:
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