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23. Third Week of Savorus

Copyright 1999 by Scott Kelley and Jon Winter
Artwork copyright 1999 by
Scott Kelley

Submissions by "Mr. Niceguy", Alex Roberts, Ragboy, Scott Kelley, Hofbauer Heinz,
T-man, Rob, Galzion, Sir Twist, Jon Winter, Matt Pinquoch, Tom Bubul, Greg Jensen,
Jason Ng, Pirvan, James O'Rance, Jim Bologna, Chris Visser, Jeremiah Golden,
Nathan Letsinger, Sianus Karathorn, Edu, Brian Mooney, and Richard Gant


-- by SIGIS editorial staff --

IT IS WITH great regret that we inform S.I.G.I.S. readers we are not able to bring you this story. Our culler Gert Rood has been hard on the case all week gathering chant about the barmy (and huge!) cube, said to be from Acheron, which whooshed through the centre of Sigil's ring early in the week.

However, just before we went to press, we were informed that the Fated faction had closed some legal loophole which prevents us from legally publishing our story.

I am sure readers of S.I.G.I.S. will join with the editors and cullers in expressing their dismay at this ruling, which despite being fought hard in the Courthouse this morning, was upheld by the Guvners. No reason was given for the ruling, which leads us to believe something suspicious is afoot. It can surely be no secret to Cagers that the event occurred, for a vast number of you witnessed it.

How the Fated can be allowed to suppress the news in such a manner is disgraceful, and yet another example of the unjust power the factions lord over Cagers. At the risk of living up to the equally unfair "Anarchist" label so liberally applied by another faction dear to our hearts. the Harmonium, scant few weeks ago, we at S.I.G.I.S. call for an appeal to the sensibilities of Cagers. With the tax-collecting month of Tithing only just behind us, the Cagefolk are still sick of the sight of the Fated. Should we allow the Fated to continue heavy-hand us in this way? And what is it they use our taxes for anyway? We have dedicated this issue of S.I.G.I.S. to the Factions. What are they up to, anyway? See the Editorial section below...

While we have been prevented from bringing you the chant on the event, the legal ruling did not mention expressing the opinions of Cagers to the Acheron Cube. These were collected before the recent ruling. Readers will find all they need to know in the Faction Reaction section below...

-- The Editors


-- by Maija Intwood, culler --

SIGIL (Hive Ward) -- Two former factols of the Bleak Cabal were dead-booked last week as a section of the madwing in the Gatehouse collapsed above them. At least 21 other sods lost their lives as well when an entire block of cells caved in, putting a final end to their barmy ranting. Although the accident occurred early in the week, it took three days for the chant to filter out of the Hive. Apparently, the Bleakers were as unconcerned about the tragedy as they are about anything else.

At the scene, the Dustmen were busy preparing the bodies for a trip to the Mortuary while a couple of giant humanoids cleared the rubble. When asked about possible survivors, one of the Dead said that this was really "none of [her] concern".

"I'm here to assure that respect is given to these dead and to death itself," said the Dustwoman. "The Bleak Cabal epitomise the pain and misery that is the Multiverse -- they deserve proper disposal." When further questioned about the chant of the ex-Factols being buried under the rubble, the factioneer only said, "It's not of much concern now, is it?"


Dustwoman about her work

The giants working the scene clearing the rubble were a bit more forthcoming. Hune, a giant from Ysgard, said he'd wandered over to the Gatehouse when the noise of the collapse woke him from his slumber. "Me and Jera [the other giant] were sleeping off a few pints of Dwarven Mountain when we heard and felt the crash. We needed the jink so we come over to help. It was a right mess berk, like a rockslide in Alfheim [A realm in Ysgard - ed.]. Sods were screaming all addle-coved like and Jera had to cuff a few barmies so she could work in peace."

Neither Hune nor Jera knew any chant on the old Factols, though Jera, also from Ysgard, said she'd seen a couple of Dustmen pull out a gold gilt ledger from the rubble. "I thought little of it at the time, but thinking back it was a little strange, " Jera said. "I did think I'd ask them Dusties for more jink 'cause we was practically finding treasure for them. But those two Dead slipped the blinds before I could put a paw on them." None of the Dustmen working at the site remembered the two factioneers described by Jera, and some openly questioned her memory which almost lead to a very memorable encounter. Fortunately, the emotionless manner of the Dustmen made it difficult for Jera to get very much of her ire up, and all returned to their grim calling.

At this point, the reasons for the buildings collapse remains a mystery. The Harmonium, for their part, were not interested in pursuing the case and were quick to chalk it up poor construction. "Besides," said one officer, "if the Bleakers don't care, why should we? Someone's got to press charges!" But Unity of Rings, an upper planar who frequents the Gatehouse often, was unsatisfied with this response. "I have been to the Gatehouse more times than I can count to minister to the sick and downtrodden," he said. "I have never known any of this building to be unsteady or of poor construction. There is little mistaking such foul play for what it is. I hope the faction that preaches Harmony and goodness can find it within themselves to pursue that path into whatever part of the Multiverse it shall lead them, else they will never find themselves whole and complete of heart."

[Author: Scott Kelley]

[Editor's Note: To add insult to injury, moments before the steam presses were started up, an edict was issued by the Harmonium preventing the inclusion of the illustration accompanying this article. It was claimed it was a vital piece of evidence. But for what? The Harmonium still express no interest in following up the case. We believe the Harmonium is just trying to make life awkward for us, the largest thorn in the faction's side. Our lawyer, 'Sly' Nye is arguing our case even as S.I.G.I.S. is printed. Chalk up another point to the repressive factions, cutter.

-- by Ordnin Balaclavos, legislative beat --

SIGIL -- After weeks of debate, the Hall of Speakers has narrowly decided to cancel the current state of Martial Law. Instituted to combat the recent ward-wide riots in the Hive (see issue 19 - ed.), the martial law condition gave Harmonium and Mercykiller forces unprecedented authority to scrag law-breakers. Complaints about overzealous faction militias have grown louder in the Hall since the last of the Hiter Rioters were thrown into the belly of the brick beast. The continued threat to the peacefulness of the Mortuary prompted recent Dustman objections. Harmonium raids on the Grand Bazaar have caused an immense slowdown in trade and Indep high-ups were on the verge of declaring a retaliatory embargo against all Lady's Ward cases.

Debate on revoking the martial law had been introduced in the Speaker's Hall by Factol Erin Montgomery of the Sensates early in the emergency. She said, "It's good to let the namers experience a bit of civil unrest once in a while. But how can we feel out the mysteries of the multiverse while hard-toed Harmonium boots are kicking in our tavern doors every night?" The Sensates were soon joined in their call by the Dustmen, who detested the tumult and emotion of the lawlessness, and by the Guvners, who wanted to re-institute their normal procedures as soon as possible. Factol Montgomery's political skills (aided by economic pressure from the embattled Free League) then brought the Lost and the Godsmen into her camp. When the last of the Hiter Rioters were scragged, the Ciphers too called for immediate cessation of the emergency rule.

The Mercykillers, backed by Factol Darkwood of the Fated and Factol Sarin of the Harmonium, led the opposition to the call for normalcy. "This wicked city is finally getting a fresh taste of justice," said Factol Nilesia. "Let it swallow a good, long draught before the pimps, bubbers and sin-mongers drag it back to the troughs of iniquity."

Paradoxically, the Xaosmen also were in favor of keeping martial law. "It like we," said Xaositect factor Red-Breathed Dog Wing. "One law laws of lots better than is." The Bleak Cabal joined their xaotic brethren in support of martial law. "All these courts and laws and procedures and what-not were always pretty pointless, we've always thought," said a Bleaker with no name. Members of the Doomguard barely had time to register their vote in favor of martial law because the Armory was so busy forging weapons to arm all camps. (Anarchists seem to have constituted the majority of the weapons' recipients. Reports indicate that the Revolutionary League was milking martial law conditions to the fullest as a recruitment tool.)

Interestingly, the deciding vote to revoke martial law came from the Sign of One. Said Factol Darius, "I suffered from a lengthy bout of Gehennan indigestion some weeks ago, and riots broke out in the Hive Ward. I'm now feeling much more serene and I imagine the city will too, with its normal procedures back in place. So be it." Reports that Signers were promised peak-to-anti access to the Gymnasium and Festhall's relaxation parlours, along with stand-by sedan chair service, may have also influenced Darius' vote. That vote was delayed however, by the lengthy debate. In a superhuman display, Factol Darkwood filibustered for five days straight in support of Factol Nilesia. It has been widely wagged about town that he was only stopped by a lasciviously slow strip-tease from Factol Montgomery. When asked if her floor-stopping display had been a response to Factol Nilesia's 'pimps and bubbers' comment, Factol Erin responded simply, "Don't be daft. It was just hot in there with all of Darkwood's blustering." An eyewitness to the final debate and vote, questioned as he was entering The Factols' Faces (a house of ill-repute whose jink-skirts and -shirts uncannily resemble current factols) agreed. "It sure WAS hot in there! But I don't recall Darkwood. Did he attend?"

[Author: "Mr. Niceguy"]

-- by Blondie Blutheim, culler --

AS WE WENT to press last week, freezing cold weather blew in from the paraelemental plane of Ice, causing snow, sleet and freezing rain. The entire city was gripped by dark evenings and shady mornings, as the clouds of snow and tendrils of semielemental shadow made Sigil a more dangerous and uncomfortable place than usual. Despite this unexpected turn of events, thousands of cagers turned out to celebrate the religious festivals in the week. Esperance, the principal feast day of the Archonite season of Hopetide, was marked publicly and privately by unprecedented numbers of people. Scores of people wandered the streets at all times of day during the festival, singing euphorically and exchanging greetings. The fact that not one third of these people could actually have fitted into the city's Archonite churches seems to have been ignored.

Although the cold weather put paid to any alfresco activities planned, the Aphrodisia, celebrated separately by Sensates and the United Sigilian Church of Aphrodite-Venus, was also a success.

The Aphrodisians held a massive orgy at their main temple, where Lesomoneia, a retired devi proxy of Aphrodite, conducted the proceedings. The Sensates also seem to have enjoyed themselves, with large areas of the festhall being given over to celebrations of love and sex for two whole days. Afterwards, Factol Erin said that she was glad that an agreement had been reached with 'our friends' the Archonites, and that she considered the Sensate celebration of Aphrodisia to have been 'an unrestrained success'.

However, many other factions were less than impressed by the Sensate celebration, denouncing the Society as 'shallow beyond belief' (Factor Pnifz of the Athar); 'probably illegal' (Factor Tier Roph of the Mercykillers); 'forgettable' (Susie the Signer - rank unknown); and 'delusional to the point of insanity' (ex-factol Tollysalmon of the Bleakers). The Sensates have not commented on these remarks yet.

[Author: Alex Roberts]

-- by Edmon Ilsen, independent culler --

SIGIL -- Aaz Muldo, proprietress of the School of Life, a Dustmen prep school for children, announced today that a new system of entry would be instituted: Loyalty Pledges. This system would require that, prior to being accepted into the School of Life's program, the child, and his/her parents, must sign a pledge that the child will enter the Dustman faction once their educational obligations are completed. Parents and students who sign such a pledge also commit their remains to the Dustmen, even before completion of the curriculum. This program has met with outrage by current students and their parents, as they are likewise required to sign such an agreement, or pay significantly increased tuition fees for the School. Those that sign have their tuition waived, retroactively, since the student has been a part of the program.

Muldo defended her new policy with this statement: "Though there are no guarantees in life, our School must have assurances that we will have a return on our valuable services. Too many young berks come through our school and move on to other factions. We need students that are committed to both the education that we provide, and the Dustmen. Thus, by having contracts up front, we can rest assured that the students, the School of Life and the Dustmen are all best served."

Other factions were on the post immediately following the announcement, to attack Muldo and her School's new policies. Thurber Hawklight, spokesman for the Fated: "While we recognize and respect Ms. Muldo's position of strength in this issue (it is her school, after all), the Fated will make recommendations to our faction members not to support her or the Dustmen in their not so cleverly disguised ruse to raise their membership numbers."

Other factions had similar reactions and opinions at the obvious reasons for the new program. Though Factol Skall has not issued an official statement, there is general malaise at the news from the few Dustmen that would give us a statement. What is clear here is that the School of Life's curriculum, long touted as one of the best planar prep schools in Sigil, might begin to further shift to its patron's philosophies while simultaneously filling its ranks with new Dead.

[Author: Ragboy]

-- by Minako, Outlands culler --

FAUNEL -- After some days of rest we were able to continue and find the truth - there was just the problem that we didn't know where to look for it. So we decided that we shall travel to the Beastlands and see if there are similar attacks on Tabaxi villages or if this madness only takes place on the Outlands.

When we reached the pool-gate near Faunel, Wrath surprised us by not asking us for our business on the Beastlands, but asked us to stay a while longer and listen. We were surprised as you, dear reader, can surely understand. We were also surprised when Wrath didn't talk on but remained in silence. A short while an old Tabaxi emerged from the pool, shivered and fell to her knees! She looked at Purra, a bard and the only one from Sekuno's party that did not join Nethereye, and told him:

"They are there and you are here - Isn't Yoru a nice name for a stone and Dream and Change and Körper and Hoshi and Sinn and - When you go they will come - A cat's eye can't see, think about and you'll - Ask Mengethol he knows - Five there four here - You CAN get lost in dreams, even when awake - They mustn't get them."

At this point she died, and, though confused, we clearly recognized that she wanted to say more.

We took Dreamtongue, as Nethereye called her, icy cold body and brought it to Nethereye who should arrange the rebirth rite.

[Ed. note - the Tabaxi belief that they were once animals that were doing evil and, thus, were forced in half-human half-animal form by rebirth to suffer for their deeds and to be able to do good to counterweight what they've done in their former live. When they succeed they become once more animals.]

We then decided to further stay in Faunel and try to find meaning in the words or Dreamtongue which were surely important when even Wrath had a hand in it. Because we remained in Faunel we could also observe the growing of Nethereye's army. Of Sekuno's party Mairra, Sheela and Tatze joined and Hazel of our original investigation team, who was Silverclaw's mate and friend for long. A lot of other Tabaxi too decided that Nethereye has the right attitude concerning this affair. When we also count the animal petitioner's that gathered 'round him the army counts the impressive number of 72 participants.

Purra, beside Sekuno himself, was the only person from the outpost who decided to join us instead of the old Shaman and as he told us cause of a good reason. Sekuno spoke for both of them : "Haste does not help. And blind revenge does not help as long as your efforts have no target. Sure they say they will eradicate the Vile Hunt, but where is it, who are its members? You also have to understand that such radical actions are not much different from what the Hunt does. They act without much thought, and sadly so. We stayed with you to find the truth, and hopefully we are able to settle this affair without becoming like the huntsmen and without much bloodshed."

[Author: Hofbauer Heinz]

-- by Blondie Blutheim, culler --

ON ESPERANCE, in St Azrael's Church, in the Rue Morgue, Bishop Julia Spesinfracta was installed as the first Archbishop of Sigil by the Pontiff, Angelusmisit IV and the celestials Laurelli Tantarella and Unity-of-Rings. The service was a magnificent ceremony, attended by many of the leading lights of Sigilian society. Lady Erin Darkflame Montgomery, Clarion the Guardian, Factol Sarin and his wife Faith, Factol Darius the Veyl, Factol Hashkar, Factol Rhys, Jeena Ealy and many other faction representatives were present. Notably, Factols Darkwood and Nilesia were absent, and it seems that they were not invited. The Pontiff preached an interesting address on the subject of the value of experience. Although his main theme was that the people of Sigil would benefit from the new archbishop's long experience, the obvious subtext was that the Archonites were attempting to reconcile their differences with the Sensates.

The music for the ceremony included a specially composed anthem by Tuleman Ralesil, who also wrote the phenomenally successful Archonite oratorio 'Sophia'. Ralesil personally conducted the Sigilian Singers in 'Mardath the Prophet'. The readings were carefully chosen to avoid offending the guests, and were mostly about the duties of priests. Of all the factols present, only Lady Erin accepted a personal blessing from the new Archbishop, and this fact did not go unnoticed, either by political correspondents or by gossip columnists. Security at the service was heavy, with the Harmonium and Planes-Militant working hard to ensure that none of the various agitators present got into the church. After the service, a private lunch was held for the guests at an secret location.

We apologise for the typographical error in our last issue that caused the Pontiff's name to appear as 'Angelusmisit XIV'. This should, of course, have read 'Angelusmisit IV'. We attribute this to a purely mechanical error, and extend our apologies and a contribution of 100 gp to the Society of Angelusmisit the Fourteenth, who drew this matter to our attention.

[Author: Alex Roberts]
-- by, n Ugut M., Blood War culler --

AVERNUS -- As of this writing a large force of Tanar'ri including General Ysthis quala'baz and his 12th elite Recon Army still hold the Fortress of Justice in Avernus. Chant in the Pit is that Bel's own elite scouts have attempted to infiltrate the Fortress through secret portals and passages known only to the Black General himself, but to no avail. All his sorties have been returned in pieces.

Though there has been no official word from the Abyss (like we expected one?) concerning this amazing surprise attack on Baator's best defended layer, some chaos fiends in the Cage have speculated that quala'baz and his Army were not part of the original invasion force. An anonymous vrock had this to say: "The whole was quite a spur of the moment thing, you see," he pauses to snap up another live khaasta youngling before continuing, "Arioch was rather drunk on distilled bebilith icor and declared an invasion. Most of us bloods were just as far bubbed, you see, and we all fell in with the mob," (his look at me left no question who was on for the next course), "quala'baz ain't been seen in the Abyss in a Balor's age. Hey, whatcha doing later, culler? Me an' my bloods are going to knock about the Lady's Ward for a bit of a blast."

Another source claimed that Ysthis actually coordinated the attack and got the chaos fiends into (perish the thought) a semblance of order. Or, as my source said, "'e got 'em all running crazy in the same direction" It can only be assumed that either the invading force was somehow commanded by Ysthis quala'baz, or that he and his Army came by the invasion some other way, and as my vrock contact said, "just fell in with the mob."

Bel's forces decline to comment on the situation or their plans (not that I pressed too hard) and there is still no word from the fiends in the Fortress or their self-proclaimed negotiator, the arcanoloth Bheckmile Threk. For the moment, however, all seems silent on this Blood War front as the fiends face off on Avernus.

[Author: Ragboy]

-- by Koshtrim'yamal, special to SIGIS from the Blood's War Journal --

THE BLOOD WAR, the war between different beliefs and alignments. The Baatezu and the Tanar'ri , both types of fiends are from what the Clueless Primers would call "Hell". The only thing that makes them different is Choas vs. Law, the numbers of Abyss vs. the strategy and hard planning of the Baatezu. This war has raged, some sages say, since the beginning of time. There are many history books that try to look at the why and how of the war, but none could ever come close to describing the war as it should be, as it is, and the way it is run.

My name is Koshtrim'yamal, Baron Cambion, 26th son of the Abyssal Lord Graz'zt, I have been given permission, surprise to us all, to report on the Blood War battles as I find them, by my father. Again, as a true surprise, I have also been given permission from Furcas, the member of the Dark Eight that is in charge of Mortal Relations, to report from the Baatezu side too. This includes interviews, chats, and drawings of the Baatezu and their points of view. I guess that with my reports to S.I.G.I.S. that the Baatezu might be able to recruit more to their cause.

A note that I want to state that my ability to teleport without error has been restored, coupled with the ability to plane skip, getting to the battles should be easy. Also I wish to state that I am neutral in this. I am not what is refereed to as "Evil", and thus my ability to see things in a different light is two fold.

Traveling the lower planes is also ways a hazard, no matter who or what one is. I have trained for many long hard years for survival in such a environment. I have seen and been in many Blood War battles, been on many missions to other planes, even been to a few prime worlds. My reports will outline, in truth, who and how these battles are won. I am still in the process of getting together a team, and hope to bring my first report in the next issue of S.I.G.I.S.

[Author: T-man]



To the Editors of SIGIS:

I stand here in the vastness of the Outlands, contemplating the path set before me by Lord Kelemvor. My companions and I are on our way to the Gray Wastes to investigate the rumors of a Lich Kind trying to raise an army of undead. I can honestly say that without the slumbering company I now watch over, none of the tasks Lord Kelemvor has bade me to do would have been accomplished.

I am Quint'eal "ShadowWalker", an outcast among my people, the moon elves that inhabit the Elven Court. For the longest time, only my brother Kal'asel, whom has traveled with me for the past two decades, knew about my secret practice of the ways of the holy warrior. Lord Kelemvor, lord of the dead, had visited me in a vision and showed me that it was my destiny to seek out the undead and vanquish them. Kal had kept my secret for three decades, before revealing it by accident when the Arch-Wizard of our city was showing Kal's class how a truth spell works. I was brought before the city council for practicing ways not customary to our kind. Kal was the only one that would speak for me during the time of my trial. After contemplating over it for many days, the council members had decided to exile us from the lands we had called home for so many decades before.

A few years after leaving our home lands, Kal'asel and I had come across a wounded dwarven religious warrior just outside of an ancient crypt. Using the power that Lord Kelemvor had blessed me with, I tended his wounds. Needless to say, Ivan BoneCrusher has traveled with us ever since. Kal being so gifted in the arcane arts, Ivan with his war cries to some dwarven battle god, and Lord Kelemvor guiding me, we set out on a crusade against all undead.

Listening to Ivan's snoring, and Talis' constant talking in her sleep, has made this an amusing night. Talis, she is a strange lot as most tiefling are, but I can say that there is more than one time that I was glad for her skills in being able to acquire things from people and at finding traps that would have most likely killed us all. (a slight chuckle) Although, there has been more times than I can count that I have had to restrain her from going after someone that offended her (I glance to the horizon in the direction of the Gray Wastes) I think to the impending battles that are to come, for the undead, as we have come to find out, can be a conniving bunch.

(I look from the horizon to my brother) Even after so many years traveling the planes, Kal'asel and I have spoken many times about returning to our home land, but we have yet to enact on our conversations. I have known for many years before our exile, that I was not meant to be among my people, that the Lord of Death had other plans for me in my life time. But as for Kal'asel, I feel that in some way, it is my fault that he is unable to return home. This is a guilt that I must carry with myself forever.

Signed, Quint'eal

[Author: Rob]
-- by Cetheron Ke'Sheke --

The Lady rules Sigil, and that's it. Or so we think...

There are certain prime worlds that are dominated by an unknown force. In all of my days of plane-hopping, I've seen about 20 or so of these worlds, the foremost being Terra. Terra is a rather hideous place. It's similar to the prime world, but also has an unknown terror working behind it. This force, whatever it may be, is known only as the Red Death. No-one knows who, or what, it is. It has a pile of agents and deamons on it's side, and they know near nothing about their master.

The Lady of Pain. The Red Death. No-one knows what either of them look like. They both are tyrants, and they both have lots of minions. The both rule over a place you generally don't want to spend every waking moment in. If we look into are past, I think we can find a lot of examples of this type of thing. Unknown tyrants, subtly controlling everything that world knows. Maybe these are all part of a great plan of Gods and Magic. Or maybe, they're all just one person. I like to think that the Lady of Pain has more faces then we've seen. If you look, you'd be surprised what you'll see. Or not..

[Author: Unknown]


Brix's Guide

That ain't a threat, cutter, it's a fact.

Sigil's a Big Burg, Berk. Sometimes it's too big. How's a cutter supposed to find his way around? You could hire a tout. But they want jink, and lots of it. And some of them smell.

Where do the touts get their darks? Why, they consult Brix's Guide, of course!* The earth mephit Brix, a long-time resident in Sigil (just don't ask him why), has surveyed all the best and worst places to go, and compiled them into a compendium of Cager Lore:

Brix's Guide

You'll find accurate chant and prices for all sorts of places, bits of lore and history as well as the odd secret I've managed to uncover. There'll be some red faces around for the next few months, sure as Sigil!

Reckon you've already read it? Brix's Guide to the Cage has just been revised and reprinted. Copies should be in the shops as you read this, at the bargain price of ten jinx. Or five if you're an earth mephit [one purchase per earth mephit customer per day only].

[* Not all touts read Brix's Guide. This example used for illustrative purposes only. Chant in Brix's Guide may be true as well as false.]

[Submitted by Jon Winter]



IT CAN HARDLY have escaped the notice of our readers that in the last three months or so, the prices of many in items in Sigil have undergone a dramatic increase. This ranges from mundane food products, to luxuries such as fine wine, to specialty items such as certain weapons. Most have taken to indicate that merchants are transferring rising costs onto their customers. We at S.I.G.I.S. wondered if this was true, and asked our new culler, Kora Rechan, to find out. This is his report:

THE PRICE increases that we have seen recently in Sigil started around four months ago, with a few modest price rises in basic items, such as bread, beer and other foodstuffs. Over the coming months, almost every other item for sale in Sigil has risen in price. Most of the bar-room sages have proclaimed this as a price war between merchants, but surely this can't be correct? Surely in a price war merchants try to undercut each others prices, so we should see prices falling, not rising? Someone is trying to peel us. And after almost a months research, I have discovered who.

It's a war all right, but not between merchants. It's a war between Merkhants. The shadowy sect of those who prize gold above all other things is moving into high gear. The price rises have been caused by Merkhants either raising the price of an item directly, or increasing the cost of a raw material. In either case, the price to the consumer in the Great Market has risen.

According to my informant, this can mean just one thing. Although the Misers are constantly trying to acquire jink, there is only one reason that would have all of them making a concerted effort to gain as much as they can in as short a space of time as possible. And that is a leadership challenge.

Rank amongst the Misers is determined only at one time; when a challenge to the current leader (or Master) is made. At this time, the worth of all Merkhants is calculated, and the one with the most wealth is the new Master. All others are ranked according to their worth, from the highest to the lowest. So when a challenge is made, it is common practice amongst the Misers for them to force the market as high as it will go, and to purchase whatever commodities they can, in order to improve their ranking amongst their peers.

And that's what we're seeing. Recent information has demonstrated that the current Master, Tarnin Golthax, controls almost all of the planar trade of Baatorian Green Steel. It comes as no surprise that the price of weapons made from green steel has almost doubled in the past two months. Likewise, probably his strongest challenger for the position of Master is Tarak de Leynon, whom I have discovered imports over three-quarters of the wine that Sigil consumes, and over half of the beer. Noticed that your bub costs a bit more recently? That's de Leynon moving for position. Another challenger for the top spot in the Misers is the rogue modron, Root of Nine. As a major player in the Planar Trading Consortium, Root of Nine has been able to increase the cost of bringing many items to Sigil; a cost which has largely been transferred to you the consumer.

According to my source, one month after someone officially declares their challenge to Tarnin, the relative wealth of all the Merkhants will be determined, and the new Master will be declared. After that, it will be business as usual. Which means that the Merkhants will start trying to undercut each other in order to gain a larger share of the market. Which will mean that prices of many items will come back down again. Let us hope that someone declares a challenge soon, whilst we still have some jink left.

[Author: Galzion]



-- by Daemon Chaas, political culler --

ASK A Cager what the factions are all about and you'll get a variety of answers. Although these answers are as varied as the Cagers themselves, they all have one very important thing in common: none of them have anything to do with what the factions are supposedly really about! For instance, ask what the Guvners and the Hardheads do, and the responses you typically get (often from factioneers) is something like, "Well, they scrag cross-traders and put 'em to the law. What else berk?" Or how about the Mercykillers? I asked this one "factioneer" at the Rule of Fours, and at first she gave me a funny look like I was some green prime or something. I pressed her some more and she finally told me that," [The Mercykillers] mete out justice on lawbreakers. Go away." (When I pestered her some more about what they really do, and are supposed to be doing, she threatened to "mete out some justice" right there. Sheesh!)

The situation is no better on the chaos side of the street. Besides giving me a bunch of typical nonsense, a group of supposed "Chaosmen" told me their purpose was to spread "chaos all around", and some smart sod chimed in "particularly to the Headhards!"

More questions, more answers:

Fated - We take berks' jink. Got any?

Anarchists - Aren't you from S.I.G.I.S.? What's that place like? I think those Anarchists would just love to take you out. Why? Uhh...

Godsmen - Look berk, I have work to do at the foundry.

Sensates - I had a bad dream, and then you showed up...

Guvners - I can't respond to that question, because it contravenes paragraph III of the second article of the Fraternity of Order right to privacy ruling.

Sinkers - I'll tell you what I'm all about in a minute. But first, where's your house?

Ok, by now you must be asking a few questions of your own, such as "What exactly is Chaas getting to anyway? This sounds about right to me!" And that, my friend, is exactly the point! The factions have completely lost their reason for being! They no longer have goals, or purpose or meaning. I'll tell you what the factions are supposed to be about: they are supposed to be changing the shape of the Multiverse through belief. Instead, they spend their days being bureaucrats, or scragging cross-traders or acting out in a really juvenile manner.

What has happened, it seems, is that the faction's power has gone to their heads. They "run" the City of Doors (or so they think), the center of the Multiverse, and they think that that is all there is to it. I'll tell you the real truth: the sects that are out there shaping the rest of the Multiverse, these are the only real "factions" left. And the ones that call themselves factions? A pathetic shadow of a forgotten past. Well, it's about time to take that long vacation I've been dreaming about to that intense little crystal sphere. Chaas out!

[Author: Scott Kelley]
-- by Mover Two Tharn Gilren of the Harmonium --

OVER THE past few months there seems to have been an increase of Doomguard activity in the Cage. This seems to indicate that the Sinkers themselves have been gradually trickling into the Cage, cutting short whatever tasks their high ups have assigned to them.

Unnamed sources have hinted that the Sinkers may be heading towards a muster. And why would they call such a large gathering of their number into their cage?

Is it truly coincidental that Sir Twist, their public relations officer, dismissed the battle for Tir Na Og as mere training exercises? Or his defense of the miscreant Bloodheart's recent violence in the Market truly heartfelt? Over the past weeks, we seem to have accepted him as a member of the Cage's society. But who is he, really? How come all of a sudden this well-dressed and well-spoken man speaks for all the fractions of the Doomguard? We know that they are split between their approaches to this "glorious" scheme of entropy. We also know that the most powerful (by far) of these three is that which advocates active destruction. This is the group that Pentar clearly supports. How then was this Twist, this "gentleman" appointed? It seems that he has an agenda of his own.

I leave the citizens of Sigil to draw their own conclusions. But I would like to remind them that the Doomguard have seldom been our protectors.

[Author: Sir Twist]
-- by Surveys Culler n=n+1 --

SIGIL - Conflict and infighting between the factions is 23% more prevalent that the same point in the last Cage Year, according to results from the latest statistical surveys this culler has compiled. Of 1024 factioneers surveyed, 19% reported being on the receiving end of a violent faction-related incident in the last cycle, while a staggering 82% reported having observed such an incident. Of these events, 63% were involving officers or namers from the Harmonium, a worrying trend indeed.

Further indicators of trouble brewing come in from the Lower Ward, where acts of Doomguard vandalism are up by 32% and pollution 13% worse than the same time last year. It may be that the Foundries of the Sinkers are forging weapons faster than ever before. Certainly surveys of market stalls show 8% more Sinker weapons on sale, and the average price of such has fallen by 19%, a sign that supply has increased.

Fortune tellers are similarly pessimistic. Of the 24 that were included in the survey by this culler, 71% predicted a major change in the near future. Omens and prophesies mentioned included towers of flames, rioting, tanar'ri hordes descending upon the burg, Sigil falling off the top of the Spire and wild fires sweeping across the wards. One hag even claimed mathematics would cease to function, though I suspect she was trying to get rid of me.

This culler will continue bring you the vital numbers as they are calculated, for surely this is the most accurate and informative way to report the news.

[Author: Jon Winter]




THE CELEBRATED opera by Petrino Rhabando is presented by the Sigilian City Opera in a new production choreographed and designed by Millicent Bessex.

Starring: Gianpaolo Temezino (Counter-tenor) as Lathander Miriam Luce (Mezzo-soprano) as Tyche Dion Brae (Bass) as Moander Amartina Petronella (Soprano) as Selune Tomas Kamilevic (Tenor) as Daimon.

At the Circus Operum, Clerk's Ward, every four days at 6 AP for five weeks.

Tickets 2 jinx

The Circus Operum this week resounded to marvelous operatic talent in the SCO's new production of Rhabando's Lathander and Tyche, but those present were hardly in the mood to enjoy it. Designer-choreographer Millicent Bessex has chosen to accentuate the 'decay' theme in the work with minimalist dance steps and largely grey sets, putting one more in mind of Hades or Annwn than the opera's actual settings of Arborea and Toril. The only remission from this bleak scenery comes, ironically, in the climactic 'division' scene, when the corrupted Tyche is divided into Tymora and Beshaba. Miriam Luce, as Tyche, copes admirably with this scene, which is both difficult to sing and magically complex. The theatre illusionist, however, gives a performance worthy of the material with a gut-wrenchingly convincing splitting. Luce sings with confidence throughout, and the show may be worth going to see simply for the excellence of this scene. However, be prepared for a long and gloomy wait first.

BARRAJO Or the Merchant of Tradegate
By Robino Lazzini

Presented by the Birdcage College, featuring Maurice LeGros, Olaf Sigurson, Jeanne de Tranche, Rosina Panichatti, Gioachino Lucida and Petra Urban.

At the Fyrefly Theatre, Guildhall Ward, every three days. Every third performance is a matinee. Evening performances at 6:30 AP, matinees at 2:30.

Admission 5 baubles

The Birdcage College's production of Lazzini's Barrajo will confirm in the minds of many opera-goers in the Cage that the vogue for the works of this tedious composer was misguided, and is overdue to end. It is not the fault of the singers, almost all very talented, that the work is over-long and fails to stir audience enthusiasm. The second act, consisting principally of duets that, if translated, are a discussion about moneylending, is symptomatic of the immense ennui of the entire work. Lazzini always insisted on writing his own plots and libretti, and it shows here, in this inconsequential work in which there is neither grand action nor personal interest to stir the emotions. It is the considered opinion of this reviewer that the sooner Tuleman Ralesil turns his hand to full-scale opera, the sooner we will be able to have evenings out without enduring the kind of grim tedium constituted by Lazzini's works.

By Infieri Estomolodo

A play in four acts, starring Manon Paix, Pierre de Antoinette, Acton Urse and Barbra Featherstonehaugh.

Every night at the Theatre Minceur for two weeks. Performances begin at 7:30 AP and seats cost 5 stingers, but come early, because space is limited.

Infieri Estomolodo's Chimes at Antipeak opened for its second Sigil run last night at the Theatre Minceur, and by the time the audience left, to the real chimes of Antipeak, they were ecstatic. Estomolodo, widely regarded as one of the Cage's most talented playwrights of recent years, kept up his usual high standards with this gently amusing comedy-drama set among the Sensates. The cast all performed magnificently, although it seems that Manon Paix, who was billed to play Terina, has had some sort of unspecified accident, and relativly unknown Zsa Zsa Myn has stepped into the breach. The role is demanding, and daunting for an inexperience actress, requires a long nude scene. Despite all this, Myn performed wonderfully, and seemed to have won many hearts among the audience to boot. I hope that the short scheduled run of this exquisite play may be extended, because I anticipate massive demand for it in the weeks to come.

[Author: Alex Roberts]


BE CLUELESS of local dining no more. The wondrous editors of S.I.G.I.S have granted me, Mason MoreFood, halfling, and my tiefling counterpart this review column. I will reveal the dark of the best and worst dining establishments in Sigil, While Malign will review the fiendish establishments. We rate restaurant on a scale of one to five, one being horrible and recommend as spot to avoid and five being, of course, the best.

-- by Mason --

The Shipyard is a nice establishment on the outer edge of the Clerk's Ward. A plain brick building on the outside supporting only one sign with an anchor to advertise. The inside is large and spacious, decorated with fishing nets, part of prime water crafts, and a well rounded boating and fishing theme.

They store is run by a family of tabaxi, very well mannered and pleasant cat people. The average clients seem to be mainly those of feline racial disposition, along with a few Guabv rdinals, and a couple of humanoids. The service was excellent and in the background was the pleasant beat of tribal drums, a comforting soft rhythm.

While I must say that my diner was fairly priced and most excellent, I do have one complaint. The menu consisted of over a hundred recipes for tuna. While I must say this prime fish is wonderful, I do believe that a restaurant should serve more than one dish. For this I must give the Shipyard only four Full Bellies as it is a fine establishment but has an extremely limited selection.

-- by Malign --

When I finally found this dive, (it's well hidden in a dark alley in the Hive, not far from the Bottle & Jug), I was hit by its front door as a human came hurtling out. After beating the sod to a pulp for his bad flight control I entered thinking that this was a good start.

This fine establishment seems to cater to the down right ugly and deformed. The waiter appear to be an enslaved Rutterkin, and the owners don't seem to mind if you beat up the help, as long as they survive. A few tanar'ri seem to be regulars here and I get the feeling you can buy some quality merchandise from these fiends.

The entertainment is great, kobalds and the occasional gnome are strapped to a rotating wheel, daggers are thrown and he who comes the closest without hitting the creature wins the bets. It's an old game but still one of my favorites.

The food is nearly acidic, I must compliment on this as the food burned but seemed to cause no permanent damage. They serve a cheap local ale and Pandemonium Pale, an ale brewed on that plane, it goes down easy but has an after taste that will knock you off your stool.

When I left I had a knife wound in my side, a fire burn on my left leg, and someone else's jink. I must say this was a very enjoyable establishment, I give it four Skulls. I must also recommend the wearing of armor or magical protections, keep yer jink where you can see it, and have a weapon ready at all times, great place!

[Author: Matt Pinquoch]

-- by Droni Forssen, culler --

WORKMEN ARRIVING at Vale's Inn of Law in the Clerk's Ward last week to replace a defaced chapel door were stunned to see a much larger construction under way. The building next door, Sprelgate's Inn, has given over half its courtyard to the construction of a new Mithraist Temple. The cult of Mithras, which worships an aspect of Mitra associated with the Persian and Greek gods, is said to have made this dramatic expansion into the city with the proceeds from trade with the Inviters of Izanagi and Izanami in Arcadia. [See article two weeks ago - ed.] A spokesman for the Temple of the August Personnages Who Invite, in Blossom Town, said that although the trade with the Mithraists had been beneficial to both sides, there were as yet no plans to expand his church's activities in Sigil or anywhere else on non-divine territory.

[Author: Alex Roberts]

Faction Reaction


WE ASKED the various factions and sects what they though of the Archeron Cube that just *happened* to float through the ring of Sigil. Besides surprise, this is what they told us, in no particular order. [Editor's note: In reply to the anonymous cutter who complained last week we favoured the factions of Law, one might say this is a random order for the Reaction section].


Lady's Grace Readers,

As I said before, what you believe this means, will happen you are after all the center of your own multiverse. Personally I don't believe this is anything to be worried about maybe my subconscious is striving to balance the order it's been bringing about, by spreading some chaos. It's might be a harbinger of the destruction of Sigil and the Factions as we know them.

May you always be the one.

-- Grannen

[Author: Chris Visser]


Remind us not to put too tall a spire on our cathedral. Seriously, though, we suspect that there is some deliberate conscious force behind this dangerous event. As the cube originated in Acheron, we should look to groups active there, which means the Rakshasas, Baatezu and Yugoloths, all of whom we already consider to be unspeakable and unclean, and the Mercykillers. The Archonite church has never had a formal policy on Mercykillers, but a recent interpretation of the Apocalypse of Sarech indicates that the Mercykillers, under a female factol, are going to contribute to the downfall of large areas of Sigil. I'm not saying anything for certain at this stage, but I for one will be steering well clear of the prison from now on. I must go now - I've got a service to take.

-- Brother Emil Siegmundsen

[Author: Alex Roberts]

Yes - I did have the experience of seeing the Archeron cube flash through the ring and I have been most curious. Primus, I am quite sure that no permit was requested or issued for the flying of such an object. (The act of sending such an object so close to Sigil is also the work of the truly-clueless, but I'll leave that to the Guvners to sift through.) Secundus, I am most positive that no paperwork has been processed that might allow the cube to pass through Customs. Tertius, I'm quite sure I saw some precious metals and gemstones encrusting the artifact, and as the cube passed through Sigil airspace, it clearly falls within all Import and Export tariffs and fees.

I would like to take this moment to formally announce an Information Reward posting: "A small reward is available to any hardhead that can finger the berk responsible for the artifact!" As usual, please bring the information to the nearest Fated Licensing office.

-- Blaize Shadiff - 4th Level Digger for the Fated

[Author: Jim Bologna]


A cube from Acheron? In Sigil? Do you happen to know if this will occur again? If it did so reasonably often, and predictably so, you could throw items off the cube as it passed by Sigil. Cut transport costs to nothing. I wonder if the Guvnors have worked out a timetable for this sort of phenomenon.

-- Tarak de Leynon

[Author: Galzion]

Cut that noise you two, the gods are throwing things at us again!

-- Pekan Shu, Gatehouse grounds keeper, to Morvun and Phineas

[Author: Jeremiah Golden]


News to me, berk. See, when you asked that question about law gaining an ascendancy (Editor's Note : SIGIS Issue whichever it was), my reply was taken... badly by some members of the Mercykillers. And a few Hardheads. Consequently, I've not been able to return to Sigil for several weeks. It seems there's some sort of warrant out about me.

-- Naenel

[Author: Galzion]


Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Sigil isn't exactly good at keeping natural forces balanced, and Acheron is worse, what with all those armies. This sort of thing is bound to happen from time to time.

-- Dregori Tharsan

[Author: Galzion]


This event seems to be an anomaly - it fits no established pattern whether chaotic or linear. If it were associated with a chaos plane, this wouldn't surprise us. But Acheron??? We're looking into it immediately. Of course, Acheron's a dust fractal. But then you knew that, right? By the way - where did the cube *go* when it was finished here?

-- Zaromex the Artist

[Author: Alex Roberts]

While the reports, calculations, and findings concerning the appearance of Unidentified Appearing Object code H-18 (UAO H-18) are still forthcoming, it is my duty as befits my station as Public Liaison for the Fraternity of Order to bring forth several concerns meaningful to the Public of our Fair City, and the Rules by which we order ourselves.

At this time we can neither positively give axiomatic proof that UAO H-18 was indeed a cube from Acheron, but it is worth acknowledging that fact that the Mathematicians have performed massive studies recently of that plane, covering nearly every aspect of its geometry. A study that has sent at least one sect member to the Gatehouse. These two incidents cannot, in an orderly multiverse such as ours, be unrelated.

The Mathematicians only blindspot is the Axiom, uncovered by our Fraternity, that states Observation Alters the Observed. While such terminology may be well beyond the keen of many SIGIS readers, let it suffice for me to give a rudimentary example: because of the Harmonium's constant vigil over our fair City, Sigil's inhabitant's behavior changes to a more civil and orderly, and need it be said, harmonious nature. In like manner, the Mathematicians unprecedented empirical habits have altered Acheron's own existence. In this matter they have exhibited power such as is in the purview of the Fraternity itself, but bereft of the knowledge and wisdom that guides the Fraternity's hand in such matters.

While the Fraternity has even created axiomatic alterations to the multiverse so widespread as to be undetectable to anyone else, it is an entirely different matter to perform this alteration to a smaller scale. We urge all those who would use such alterations to consult us first before establishing a dangerous precedent, as it is hardly possible that one could possibly see the outcome of such alterations without the benefit of our knowledge and wisdom in such matters.

What is most disturbing is the suspected diabolic influences that have come to light concerning this appearance of the said apparent Cube of Acheron. It has come to our knowledge that committed mathematician Par Vectum Hexadecimal has been declared missing from the Gatehouse shortly after the appearance of UAO H-18. Farther evidence has been gathered by means of eye-witness accounts of a clutch of Abishai. These flyers were seen near the Gatehouse's Exercise Yard for the Insane, before taking a flight path dangerously close to the supposed Cube of Acheron. Par Vectum was last seen witnessing the appearance of UAO H-18 in the Gatehouse Exercise Yard.

I urge the public of our Fair City to follow their duty, as delineated by the Rule of Civility preserved by the Fraternity, to give any and all information pertaining to this issue on behalf of the Fraternity and their continual vigil over the ordered peace of our City.

-- Your humble servant, Hartin Meideggar, B4 Bureau Chief of Sigillian Public Information, prior B3 Judge, Bureau of Courts (retired.)

[Author: Nathan Letsinger]


So a huge cube hurtled through Sigil and you want to know my opinion, eh? Well I assume some blood out there who is fairly far on the Path of Ascension is testing his or her power. Just another example of what can be done if you put your entire being into it. Then again it could be some barmy plot by those berks known as the Doomguard trying to show what kind of destruction they can wreak. Those sodding sods always make me as angry as an Ysgardian berserker the way they try and keep people down by destroying things. Entropy! Bah! Everyone must ascend, not descend. What a bunch of barmies. they should all be put in the asylum. And the Dustmen too! They're just as rotten as the Doomguard. And then the Bleak cabal should lock themselves in their own asylum and toss the keys away. They're far too depressing for my tastes. Hey...come back here....I'm not done talking yet!

-- Strom the Gatemaker Goldwand, Factor of the Godsmen

[Author: Sianus Karathorn]


Maybe Acheron is dying, cube by cube. That would be interesting... In the other hand, it could disrupt Sigil's equilibrium. That would be bad...

[Wanders away pondering]

-- Christian DeSaville, cleric and spokesdead for the Dustmen

[Author: Edu]

Our findings so far on the errant cube sent flying across Sigil are so far, incomplete. We have investigative teams working alongside the Harmonium to pinpoint the cause behind this event. The Mercykillers have strong reason to believe that this was perpetrated by a group of individuals in Acheron, constituting an offense that has not been seen before. So far, we do not have solid evidence, but we have strong suspicion that this was directly related to Blood War efforts on the part of the Baatezu.

If they are indeed the culprits, then we know from experience that they have considerable amounts of loopholes to justify their actions, and it will make it more difficult to administer justice. Regardless, we will not have the streets or the skies of Sigil turned into a battleground or a waypoint for armies of the Blood War. It has been tried before, and whether stopped by the Lady, or our forces of law, it has failed. We will continue to enforce that edict, through a combination of manpower and new laws being presented to the Fraternity of Order. Sigil's peace must be preserved at all costs.

-- Roderick Thorn

[Author: Brian Mooney]


Well. You don't see something like that every day, now do you?

-- Janos Volkrina, Indep.

[Author: Richard Gant]


I was flying over the Guildhall Ward when the cube hurtled through Sigil, so I had a very close view of the event. More interestingly, I witnessed the response of other fliers.

For example, one cutter - an asuras- saw the cube coming, goggled in disbelief, and then screamed "duck!" as it dropped out of the sky. Unfortunately, a flight of abishai did not react quickly enough to this warning, and were put in the deadbook by a vast hurtling mass of iron.

Of course, I was unharmed. By the time the asuras had noticed the cube, I was watching from the safety of a tavern's tiled roof.

-- Deep Blue Sigh, a Cipher showing that lessons are sometimes learnt from other berks' reactions

[Author: James O'Rance]


Well, it seems that this floating cube has caused something of an uproar in the Cage. Bah, I see not why this is so. Surely, there have been much stranger events that have happened throughout the multiverse before. Not many have the experience and knowledge of strange events. Of course, not all of the Harmonium believe this. Unlike some other factions would like to have you believe, the Harmonium does allow free thought within its ranks. Some of our Glorious Harmony believe that the cube maybe the result of some fiendish Anarchist plot in order to disrupt the order of Sigil. I say, this is impossible, because the Anarchists couldn't muster enough manpower to pull off such a feat. But if they some how did manage to get lucky enough and send a cube of Acheron into Sigil, it will serve no purpose! If any riots occur because of this, the Harmonium will quickly apprehend the instigators and suppress the riots quickly.

-- Morteg Thyrllson, Mover Three

[Author: Pirvan]

The chant of that cube flying through the center of the Cage is none other than a sign.

A sign that the fascist, tyrannical regime of the Hardheads have gone too far. It shows that balance has been dangerously shifted the wrong direction. In the hands of the oppressors everything is doomed to imbalance. You look at how things are going in the cage and you'll see.

There is a blind conformity among the masses that call the cage their kip. They are blind to see the oppression around them, careless of those who are suffering, and hatefully hostile and ignorant to those who are who have decided to break the conformity. The Cage is doomed to suffer because of those leatherheads.

And the ones who are keeping the Cage that way, are none other than our normal Harmonium oppressors. They ruthlessly kick in the teeth of anyone who does not conform, they scrag and harass those that they have somehow became aware of their "amoral" views, and would exterminate those who would stand for their very own freedom.

The cubes of Acheron flying through the ring of Sigil is a sign from perhaps the Lady herself, that the balance of the Cage has been dangerously disturbed. Acheron is none other than the plane of conformity, most blind and ruthless. The cube from Acheron is a symbol of the conformity that is happening through out Sigil.

And if you ask why Acheron and not Arcadia, consider this, first the Mercykillers are most certainly involved as you'll notice with the stricter sentencing. But we all know the Harmonium are a bunch of hypocrites, they will only bring out the worse, they are evil and Acheron is certainly a true metaphor for the Hardheads, if you want to see how evil they are, just visit Ortho for a day.

-- Anonymous Message, delivered by an Astral Streaker

[Author: Jason Ng]


See? It's only proof that the planes are falling apart! Acheron's spinning in all directions now and flying away from itself! The chaos will spread round the Great Ring until it reaches here into Sigil. Like Acheron did! We must be prepared to embrace the onslaught.

-- Weftson Foralos, son of Decay Knight Adara Foralos, and student of Sir Twist

[Author: Sir Twist]


Ah, look, a giant ice cube. That reminds me, it's almost tea time, I need to be off, cheerio.

-- Random, Xaositect Poet

[Author: Tom Bubul]

Uh... I have no idea what's going on. I suppose it could be the work of a power, trying to impress the gullible mortals with a show of power. Probably got scragged by the Lady as soon as he tried to pull it off. That'll show him. I wouldn't be surprised if the Signers had something to do with it, too. They go to great lengths to show how strong their 'imaginations' can force themselves on the world, without a thought or care about the consequences. Of course, this is all speculation. Hopefully, the Lady will stop these shenanigans.

-- Leir the Explorer, Athar factor

[Author: Greg Jensen]


Do it again! That was barmy cool!

-- Lariana du'Reavewinder

[Author: Ragboy]

Stop Press

-- by Droni Forssen, culler --

REPORTS are coming in that the modrons are already well on their way through Elysium to Ecstasy, after a geographical re-arrangement by the gnomish gods allowed them to pass through Bytopia unhindered. It is unclear how the modrons are crossing Elysium so quickly without using the usual pious means. We'll bring you more on this and all modron stories as soon as possible, but the recent speed of events has made reporting this story much more complicated.

[Author: Alex Roberts]

-- Staff culler --

TWO DAYS after Esperance, Archbishop Julia Spesinfracta laid the foundation stone of the new Archonite Cathedral of Sigil in the Lady's Ward. Standing within easy sight of the edge of the city, she announced that the Cathedral would be dedicated to St. Sophia, the Archonite principle of Wisdom. Construction on the Cathedral will start in earnest this week, although the name of the architect has not been publicly revealed. The work is expected to take several years, although the use of magic in the building process makes this uncertain.

[Author: Alex Roberts]
-- by Laxuli Phae, culler --

RECENT reports from contacts in the Bleak Cabal suggest a former factol of the Transcendent Order, incarcerated in the gatehouse for reasons unknown some years ago, was also killed in the recent Gatehouse collapse. Officially, the Bleakers are keeping tight-lipped on the subject, and this culler has been unable to even get a name for this cutter. Without resporting to psychic powers, all I could illicit from Gatekeeper Grul Thorsson was a tacit, "We don't talk about the residents". The Ciphers steadfastly deny any of their former factols have ended up barmy in the Gatehouse. Apparently all factols whose whereabouts are unknown are said to have Transcended. please forgive this culler for her scepticism...

[Author: Jon Winter]

-- by Rahel Ivist, staff culler --

SIGIL - Zibby the Fan, tinker gnome bomber for the Anarchists' cell the Cadre has been indicted on several counts of murder, destruction of property, causing a public hazard and various other lesser crimes, a Guvner spokesman said today. The indictment came just four weeks after his surrender to the Harmonium in the Lady's Ward. He will stand trial in the Cage in two weeks time. When asked about the other scragged members of the cell, the spokesman had no comment.

[Author: Ragboy]

Cullers wanted for SIGIS
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