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NearlyExplorer Mimir all genasi have been "plane-touched" by the denizens of one of the main elemental planes: Air, Earth, Fire, or Water. However, some natives of the para-elemental and quasi-elemental planes have produced their own genasi as well. These creatures are exceedingly rare, and a player should only play a para- or quasi-genasi with special permission from the DM. The DM may wish to use these genasi as NPCs only, since they would be strange additions to a party.

Like all genasi, para- and quasi-genasi have a -2 to all reactions to other planar characters due to their air of superiority and alien origins. Since they do not have strong ties to the true elements, their resistances to elements either are nonexistent or work differently from the resistances of normal genasi.

"I suppose I could use some more salt in my diet."

- Death slaad to last known salt genasi

Elemental Genasi

  • Air - the wind dukes
  • Earth - the stone princes
  • Fire - the flame lords
  • Water - the sea kings

Para-Elemental Genasi

  • Ice - the children of the glacier OFF-MIMIR
  • Magma - the explorers of the lava OFF-MIMIR
  • Ooze - the dwellers in the mud OFF-MIMIR
  • Smoke - the shadows of the vapours OFF-MIMIR

Negative Quasi-Elemental Genasi

  • Ash - the scions of the dying embers
  • Dust - the loreseekers of the eroding sands
  • Salt - the buccaneers of the multiversal waterways OFF-MIMIR
  • Vacuum - the offspring of the void OFF-MIMIR

Positive Quasi-Elemental Genasi

  • Lightning - the vassals of the storm OFF-MIMIR
  • Mineral - the inheritors of the glittering stones OFF-MIMIR
  • Radiance - the disciples of the incandescent colours OFF-MIMIR
  • Steam - the lanterns of the mists OFF-MIMIR

Energy Genasi

  • Negative - the sceptres of unlife OFF-MIMIR
  • Positive - the crucibles of life OFF-MIMIR

NB: The genasi marked OFF-MIMIR can be found on the Roaming Genasi site, and were created by Afterburner.

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