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Faction Philosophy

"Look around. The multiverse is pain, suffering, cruelty. This isn't life. Life is supposed to be happy, feel good, and make sense. No, this world is a cruel shadow of a "life". Faded images, hints at the glory that's supposed to be, but isn't. The truth?

"We're all dead. We've all passed on from our original existences, and we can't quite seem to help clinging to a false "Life"... that is, we can't accept the fact that we're dead. Emotions cloud our minds and confuse us, preventing us to see that in order to become one with our states and Truly Dead we must seperate ourselves in every way from our false emotions and bodies. We must stop clinging to life and accept the fact that we are truly Dead. When this happens, we shall have reached True Death and finally ended this horrible existance. If you just up and kill yourself before you've truly detached yourself from your emotions, then you'll come back again, and again, and again, still clinging to your false life.

"We are The Dead. They call us the Dustmen. But we seek perfection like everyone else. The perfection and clarity of the dead, away from the hassles and emotions of your hollow 'life.'"

Faction Overview

One of the stranger factions in Sigil are the Dustmen, a group of morbid necrophiles that believe in the simple truth that everyone is dead. They believe that the universe is merely a shadow of a happier existence, one from which we've passed on, and that we cling to a false life and emotions out of a habit, a bad habit. It is the goal of the Dustmen to break that habit. They attempt to become completely tranquil, making themselves bereft of emotion and uncaring about existence.

This wouldn't be so bad (or unnerving) for most of the Sigilians, usually. They'd just go around like they do now, picking up the dead off the streets of Sigil and carting their rotting bodies off to the body. They'd still be a little creepy, sure, anyone with an unhealthy obsession with death is. But what terrified most of Sigil is the fact that the highups in the faction are each, almost completely without a doubt, dead. Some of them are walking corpses. Some are floating spirits. Their leader's true face has never been seen... he appears as a floating cloak and robe in the Hall of Speakers and talks with a bone-chilling voice that makes everyone in the Hall uncomfortable when it becomes necessary for him to present his views on an issue. What's the most unnerving thing is that none of the Dustmen show any emotions at all... so that wraith that just passed you by in the Mortuary might be plotting to drain your heartbeat from you instead of just passing by without a second thought. Add to this fact that the servants of the Dustmen are walking zombies.... well, let's just say that the Dustmen don't get many visitors in the Mortuary.

Recently, there's been a large gathering of walking corpses in the Hive, moreso than usual. They've begun walking the streets outside the Mortuary, and the Dustmen have been seen talking to Doomguard weapons dealers... perhaps Skall finally wants to begin forcing the people of Sigil into zombified death so that they'll be more easily convinced of their true state of being?

Faction Life

Unsurprisingly, the jobs that the Dustmen take are mostly affiliated in some way with, of all things, death. Some take the dreary job of embalming the recent dead in Sigil with protective salves and oils to slow the decaying process - more the better if they're being raised from death. Some search through corpses, learning about the anatomies of creatures from all over the multiverse. Others stalk the streets of Sigil with their carts, searching for the newly dead with the grim realisation that in their quest, they will find no hope - only more despair and suffering. But they are The Dead. They do not care.

Other members of The Dead devote their lives (or deaths?) to the keeping of records. Records for posterity, of the most grim and gruesome things ever. They write about death in all its forms, writing about the number delivered to the Mortuary within their huge texts, marking everything precisely to teach others about the inevitability of death.


The Bleak Cabal, with their careless attitude towards the multiverse, are considered friends of the Dustmen, but neither group really cares that much about the other. In a pinch, they'll help one another if it serves their own interests, but not much more.

The Doomguard, with their attitude towards destruction and Entropy, sometimes garner some support from the Dustmen for their actions that cause people to lose focus on their own possessions (because the Doomguard burn 'em to the ground). However, in general the Dustmen frown on the Doomguard's acts of violence and exulation in it.


The Sensates, with their exulation and obsession with the "pleasures" of their False Life, are the greatest enemies of the Dustmen. Where the Sensates are gleeful, the Dustmen are staid, and where the Sensates are happy, the Dustmen are dour. The groups don't get along very well at all, but the Dustmen aren't militant enough to do anything about it except drain the life out of Sensate that comes anywhere close to the Mortuary.

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