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People of the Planes

Aasimar - Descended from the very servants of the gods of the Upper Planes, aasimar are generally trusted and trustworthy, the sort who want to set things right just because it's the right thing to do. They stand tall and proud, with a slight hint of otherworldliness to them.

Bariaur - These centaurlike goat-creatures usually live for two things: battle and parties. Males tend to be more inclined to the battle bit, wheras femals prefer the more cerebral challenges. While they wander in herds, they're extremely independent. They usually hail from Ysgard.

Bladeling - Once just other tieflings, the influence of the planes seperated these people from their previous race. They're humanoid in shape, covered with spines that look a cross between an armadillo's armor and a porcupine's quills. Just like the latter beast, they can shoot their spine when required. Most of these Acheron denizens are somewhat dour, but ironically hold together as a race more than the tieflings do.

Formian - Arcadia being the plane of order and the greater good, it's no surprise that it spawned this hive-minded species of giant ants. Shaped more like ant-centaurs, these mandibled creatures tend to think similarly to the rest of their species, about order and the greater good. While hive-minded, they are still individuals.

Genasi - Born from a union between a human and an elemental creature, genasi are one with the base elements. Coming not from the Outer planes, but the Inner, this species reflects the primal nature of their homelands. The earth genasi are large, slow, and strong; the fire genasi are slim, trim, and have a suitably fiery temper; and so on. Natives there either ostracize them or consider them gods. Many gravitate to Sigil just because of the opportunities afforded them, in a place they'll be considered equals.

Githyanki - Living on the bodies of dead gods in the endless astral, the githyanki lead an odd existence of hunting parties and mental discipline. They blindly sacrifice their powerful members to an undead queen, and rarely leave the Astral except to hunt one of their enemies, the githzerai. The two would likely destroy each other on sight.

Githzerai - Split off from the human race eons ago, the githzerai settled themselves on the plane of Limbo. They've perfected an art known as "chaos-shaping" which allows them to shape the chaosstuff of that plane. Elsewhere, they're found usually as societal outcasts, hunters, or merely explorers. They have more in common with their sister race, the githyanki, than either of them would care to admit.

Khaasta - Often mistaken for lizardmen, the khaasta are one step worse than the tso. Sure, wealth matters, but not as much as prestige. And prestige, for a khaasta, is based entirely on how many people you've fooled or tricked or conned. They'll take any job offered, especially if it caters to one of their vices.

Nathri - One of the few races which call the Ethereal Plane their home, the Nathri are four-foot tall green-skinned humanoids with flowing black hair. They're not so much explorers as survivors, travelling from place to place and staying only as long as it takes to get some food and rest. Many have travelled to Sigil, which is an ever-changing environment itself, and has portals leading all over the multiverse. This appeals to their innate sense of curiousity.

Tso by SkytxiPlanar - Originating from the Prime Material, this collection of humans, elves, dwarves, and others have travelled to the Planes and become... changed. They give up their former lives and focus on the raw belief of the Outer Planes. While physically similar to their progenitor species, mentally and societally, they're totally different. Few can ever return to their previous lives.

Tiefling - Similar to both the genasi and the aasimar, tieflings are also half-breeds of the planes. But where genasi evoke curiousity and aasimar bring smiles, tieflings bring fear, distrust, and hatred, even from others of their own kind. These fiend-blooded ones can't easily be mistake for a human, as their heritage shows through too plainly, in some way. No two are alike, and they like that just fine.

Tso - Looking like a cross beween a giant spider and an eel, these beasts are cunning incarnate, and exist only for the profit. If there's money (or something else) to be made out of the deal, the tso will gladly accept it. Despicable through and through.

Planeborn, paramortals of untainted belief.

Archons - Paragons of vitue from Mount Celestia, the archons make it their duty to protect their plane and all those in it who are innocent and free of evil. Their virtuousness is signified by the metal they wear, which parallels the layers of the Mount itself.

Baatezu - The scheming baatezu of Baator operate within their own set of convoluted laws, using their rigid structure to aid them in the neverending Blood War against the Tanar'ri. They hope to corrupt mortals through the more intellectual evils, and thus gain more followers and greater power.

Eladrin - Native to Arborea, the eladrin revel in the natural beauty of their plane, and assist those who fight in the name of goodness and freedom against the depradations of evil. They believe in the freedom of the individual to choose their own path, and constantly counter the works of the fiendish races against the mortal races.

Guardinals - Easily mistaken for beautiful, muscular humans at a distance, up close the native race of Elysium shows their heritage - each one displays different animal traits, whether a mane of fur or a beak-like nose. Few in number and seldom unhappy, they're rather peaceful - until they leave their homes. Then they actively seek out evil to confront, and woe betide the errant fiend caught in their path.

Modrons - The orderly modrons are irrevokably tied with their home plane, Mechanus. One likely would not exist without the other. They are an odd mixture of metal and flesh, creature and machine. They have a unique caste system where each rank only recognizes its own rank, those immediately above, and those immediately below as modrons, and the others might as well not exist.

Rilmani - The rarest of the planar species, the rilmani make their homes at the base of the Spire above which Sigil floats, and Balance is their watchword. They wander the planes, ensuring that the proper balance is maintained between the forces of Law, Chaos, Good and Evil. Without balance, they claim, everything would cease to exist.

Slaadi - Hailing from Limbo, these giant bipedal frogs seek to change the established order of the planes in order to bring themselves to power. Unfortunately, they lack the discipline and order necessary to create the necessary armies, so they content themselves with scavenging the fields of the Blood War.

Tanar'ri - In the infinite layers of the Abyss, where others endure countless torment, the tanar'ri thrive. Driven not by doctrines but by base instinct, they tempt their mortal pawns into the physical vices. These mortals usually eventually end up in the Abyss as tanar'ri themselves, forced to join the wave after endless wave sent at the baatezu to win the Blood War.

Yugoloths - This third major class of fiends (the baatezu and tanar'ri complete the triad), the 'loths are the despicable mercenaries of the Blood War. They'll work for whoever pays more, the baatezu or tanar'ri, and then betray them to the other side for even more jink. Some, however, suspect that there's a pattern to their betrayal, that they're more than just the hired help.

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