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Map Key

Buildings with an 'R' indicate rooms that can be rented or are currently rented by a player. Locations marked by an arch on the map or portals and require a gatekey, which is listed below the map. If anything appears wrong on these maps or you have a suggestion for a new location, mail Also note that you can easily get around sigil by using the commands 'cw' for clockwise and 'cc' for counter-clockwise.


Tempus Sigilian - Offices of the famous newsrag.
Scaf Street House - A small shop for rent. Currently vacant.
Grand Bazaar - Littered with shops and goods sellers, and also home to the Indeps.
Grinning Sam's Sigilian Black - A coffee house frequented by merchant's.
Dounde Boulevard Houses - High-up kips for the rich. Currently vacant.
Parts and Pieces - A shop that deals in creature parts, whether for spells or gatekeys. (Gatekeys in: tails and out: tooth)
City Barracks - Headquarters of the Harmonium and the city's militia.
Fortune's Wheel - A tavern where all of Sigil plots. Upstairs is the Iris Inn, which has rooms for rent. Currently vacant.
City Courthouse - Where the Guvner's hold sway over the laws of the city.
The Prison - Home of the Mercykillers, where criminals go to spend their time - and receive justice.
Twelve Factols - A famous restraint and tavern, said to be the place where twelve factols met to beg the Lady for her support against the Expansionists.
Chirper's - An inn specializing in shows and entertainment, it's also known for it's strange collection of exotic creatures and exhibits.

The Armoury - Headquarters of the Doomguard and city's supply of weapons.
Parted Veil Bookstore - A bookstore for the poor or rich, where knowledge is freely given. Run by the charismatic gnome, Kesto Brighteyes.
Newgate House - A small kip for rent. Currently vacant.
The Foundry - Where the Godsmen forge spoon, bracket, and themselves.
Shattered Temple - Former temple of Aoskar, it and the surrounding area lie in ruins now. Also so the home of the Athar.
Friendly Fiend - A shop of magical trinkets, run by the strange 'loth A'kin.
Speckled Rat - A dusty old tavern thats as lively as the Dustmen who drink here.
The Mortuary - Where the Dustmen take all the corpses of Sigil, to pass them on to whatever is next, whether a sacred ritual or the furnace.
Slumbering Lamb Pub - A soup kitchen for the unlucky of the hive. A shop above can also be rented. Currently vacant.
Tenth Pit - A fiendish bar serving those of dark nature and devily delights.
The Gatehouse - Where the Bleakers keep all the barmies and orphans of Sigil, and take care of those without hope.
Yandro's Temple - In the middle of the mazy hive is a temple to this strange power.
Quake's Place - A Xaositect hangout that's never the same place twice.

The Garden - A strange tavern where lush growth and trees grow in a glass dome, a rare site in the down-ridden and industrial Sigil.
Hall of Records - A former campus of a wizardly college, it now holds all records, deeds, and tax forms in the city, under the care of the Fated.
Greengage - Serving the best cider in the city, it is run by planars of a shorter nature.
Civic Festhall - The headquarters of the Sensates, some of the best sites and plays can be seen here, and the always exciting Sensorium.
Elyyt's Retreat of the Artisian - A tavern serving to those poets and artists that make their home in this ward.
Hall of Speakers - The home of the Signers, and also where the city's officials come to debate and argue over laws and trade.
Hall of Information - Keeping the records and texts of the city.
Saint's Walk Kip - A house for modest rent. Currently vacant.
La Pax - A tavern that floats above the city's streets, it caters to both fiends and celestials allowing a neutral ground for them to meet and plot. (Gatekeys in: peace and out: war)
Great Gymnasium - Full of baths and centers for physical exercise, the place flows with the Cipher's philosophy.
The Other Place - A spa across the way from the Gymnasium, it's a soothing place of soft water and massages, run by the soothing assimar Iarmid.
Trianym - A place of podiums on the street, where any berk can stand up and speak his mind.
Fell's Tattoo Parlour - A small shop, not so much of note as it's caretaker, the strange dabus Fell who seems to be able to speak shapes onto a cutter's skin.

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