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If the Spire's Infinite, How can you See Sigil on Top?

Selected Tidbits of the Most Common ChantThe Outlands Giant

  • The Lady wants everyone to know she's in charge: she wants to be seen, so she is!
  • The air on the Outlands is very thin, or maybe people's eyesight is better there.
  • There are lots of magnifying glasses all around the middle of the Spire in the sky.
  • The thing at the top of the Spire ain't Sigil at all, just a sodding massive ring of rock. Sigil ain't on any plane we know about.
  • Sigil is really really really big, but anyone who goes through a portal to the Cage is enlarged too, so nobody's ever noticed.
  • Likewise, but the Outlands are really small instead.
  • Everyone believes Sigil can be seen from the Outlands, so it can.
  • The Lady's power gathers clouds from the base of the Spire right up to Sigil (that's why it's always so sodding cloudy in the Cage), so they never obscure the city.
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Looli, Tiefling Metamage (who would be a Visionary but has only one follower) (by Rob Hamilton)

"Well, I believe in science. I'm a metamage, so I obviously believe in magic too, but that's another story. My point is to tell you about why Sigil can be seen from the Outlands. I'm not a maven on the study of light and vision, but I do know that the reason people "see" is because light enters their eyes and their brains process the light patterns into recognisable forms. (Then the colour spectrum is factored in, but that is also another story.) I've seen the Spire from the base. It looks like it could be infinitely tall, but it could just be taller than the mortal mind can comprehend, making it seem infinite. If it really is, and Sigil really is at the top (instead of circling the middle about a million miles or so up the Spire) then light must have been coming down from Sigil to reach the Outlands for an infinitely long period of time.

"Some bashers say they remember when Sigil wasn't around, but I know many old, old guys who can't say that. Among them: an elven priest of Labelas Enoreth, a Great Wyrm Silver Dragon, the Owl Lord (an animal lord from the Beastlands), and even Factol Skall once hinted that he didn't remember that, after I spent half a year trying to get him to talk to me. After all, he must have founded the Dustmen while he was in Sigil, and he's pretty old.

"Anyway, Sigil seems to have been around for an infinite amount of time, so it's been reflecting light down to the Outlands for an infinite amount of time. If we had Solondor Thelandira (the Elven god of hunters -- I bet he has really good eyesight) look at Sigil from some point in the Outlands where he doesn't lose his powerly powers, he might be able to see this light clearly - see what Sigil looked like infinitely long ago. Of course, I'm going to have to become at least a demipower before I can convince the good hunter to do that, and that is a long way off for me."

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What Happens if you Jump Off the Rim of Sigil?

Factor Speculecture of the Guvners Explains his Three Favourite Theories

"One: You're bounced to a random plane, baneful or benign. True, the Spire's a dead-magic zone, but this effects wouldn't necessarily require magic to operate. If Sigil is a pocket demiplane, reaching the edge of the pocket will shunt you into another plane. If Sigil's really connected to all other planes, then it'll possible be random which one you ends up in...or perhaps there's a pattern like with the Lady's shifting portals. More research is needed...
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"One by one, cutters, leap off the edge of the ring,
When you land, make your way back here
and we'll build ourselves a theory.

Assuming you survive, that is ..."

- Factor Speculecture,
to a group of gully new Guvners

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"Two: You're lost forever in the Void around the Cage. This could be a collecting place for spirits and other spooks. I've heard tell that the Void's got a name among the mystics and spirit-rousers of Sigil: the Soul Cage.

"Three: You fall down the Spire, until at the end of the Multiverse, you and everyone else who's ever fallen off Sigil hits the ground at the same time in one glorious entropic splat!"

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The Spire

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