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The Red Death, the Punishers

A Mercykiller Factioneer

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To Err is Human, to Punish is Divine

The Red Death are one of the most feared factions of the Cage. Seeing as they're the bashers who lock up cross traders and hang stag turners from the leafless tree, a body oughtn't be too surprised at that. Nothing about the faction is more grim than their headquarters, however. They make their lair in Sigil's Prison, and a more foreboding structure you never will find. Even the weather there seems less forgiving than elsewhere in the city; almost as if it's punishing the faction itself.

As a rule, the Mercykillers are a secretive faction. That mightn't even be intentional though, berk; it's just that its members are so sodding unapproachable. Perhaps it's their somewhat hypocritical philosophy that rubs bashers up the wrong way: All crime should be punished, unless you're a Mercykiller. See, laws that get broken in the pursuit of catching a criminal don't count. A cynic would say that so long as a Mercykiller factioneer can come up with a plausible excuse, he could get away, quite literally, with murder.

I'd be careful around 'em if I were you...

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"But I said I didn't do anything!"
- Poor prisoner about to be hung

"You would have eventually."
- Mercykiller's response
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Introduction: [coming soon]

Philosophy by Numbers: Shackling the Beast of Chaos

A Mercykiller torturer who goes to great pains to explain the faction's philosophy to his victims.

Movers and Shakers: Stoic, Epicurean and Cynical Justice

Three brands of Justice for three types of Mercykiller; just make sure you don't get 'em confused, cutter
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"OK, if a prisoner acts up, kill'em.
If they start liking the place to much, kill'em.
If they insult us, kill'em.
If they kill another prisoner - "
"I know, I know, kill'em..."
"No! Try and recruit them, we can use more good men."
- Two Mercykillers, one newly recruited

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Copyright 1997 text by Jon Winter, art by Chris Appelhans

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