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The Doomguard

The Sinkers, Downers, Destroyers, Entropy Rats

A Doomsoldier

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All will be Dust

The Sinkers are a funny bunch, and no screed. They claim that the Multiverse is in a constant state of decay; things are wearing down and breaking; life grinds itself to a halt. Maybe they've got a point...just count the number of civilisations that've brought destruction to themselves after growing too large...the Blood War to name but one (though a cutter who called the fiends "civilised" would need his brain-box looking at).

The Doomguard, then, revel in the falling down, and rather than try to prevent things collapsing they cherish it in all its forms; decay, rust, corruption. You'd think that they'd also support the Anarchists' incessant demands for the dismantling of the factions (after all, that's entropy ain't it), but, curiously, the Sinkers ain't keen on the idea. Maybe they ain't the selfless philosophers I've painted them to be...

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"..rotten fiend.."
- Planar merchant

"Why, thank you!"
- Sinker tiefling

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The Doomguard

A Sinker

The Scholar Mimir

Introduction: [coming soon]

Philosophy by Numbers: The Downward Spiral [coming soon]

Movers and Shakers: Power Groups

Three rising fractions of the Sinkers; the Etchers, who are sculptors of Decay; the Sign of Zero, who Imagine things away; and the Speakers of All, who seek to Cause the End.

Visionaries: DeMiro the Erratic

Who says Laws stem from Chaos, and seeks to Predict planar Calamities using his chaos-born formulae.

See Also: The Armoury

Sir Twist's Doomguard Web Headquarters (not a part of the Mimir).

See Also: Faction Data: Doomguard

Ken Lipka's take on the Sinkers (not a part of the Mimir).
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"One hundred kips all lined in a row,
one hundred kips in a line,
take an axe, some oil and a match,
ninety nine kips lined in a row"

- Doomguard Drinking Song  

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Copyright 1997 text by Jon Winter

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