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The Ciphers, the Knee-Jerkers, the Thoughtless

The Ciphers

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Do not Think about doing It...Do It!

For many clueless primes, the philosophy of the Transcendent Order is one of the hardest to grasp. So much so, in fact, that the faction's been dubbed the "Ciphers" -- as if they talk in some secret code. In fact, it's quite a simple concept that they espouse: Trust your Instincts, Do what your Body Tells You, and Act in Cordance with the Multiverse.

Besides being the best martial artists in the Cage (comes from all that meditation, presumably), the Ciphers have the best Gymnasia, Saunas, Massage Parlours and Hot Pools. If a cutter's looking to relax, he'd better jump in a bath with a Cipher. The faction's also reknowned for its diplomancy; which is perhaps a surprise, because when most bashers say whatever comes into their head first (like the Ciphers tend to do), it's usually the start of problems. Maybe that speaks a volume or two for the level to which the Transcendent Order really live their philosophies.

While they don't usually talk much, I've persuaded a few Ciphers to part with some of the chant of their faction...don't just think about reading it! Read it!

The Scholar Mimir

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Introduction: [coming soon]

Philosophy by Numbers: Deciphering the Ciphers

A factotum Explains how he found his Way in the Faction and tries to Unravel the myths that Encode the Ciphers

Visionaries: Fash the Tacit

Who sees More by seeing Less and takes Sensory Deprivation to a Brutally logical Extreme

Visionaries: Ka'Tarik'A

Who has Opened her Mind to the Multiverse and Waits for it to contact Her
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"It would not be advisable to charge into the situation as it stands
without giving it some serious thought and perhaps
taking precautions to ensure maximum chances of survival."
- Guvner, to Cipher

" - "
- The Cipher, figuring it would waste time to talk
before 'charging into the situation at hand'

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