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The Bleak Cabal

The Bleakers, the Cabal, the Pointless, Madmen

A Bleak Cabal Factioneer

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"Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change."

- Graffiti near the entrance to the Bleaker Gatehouse

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Oh, what's the sodding point?

A faction who don't even bother to preach, the Bleakers just resign themselves to facing life as it heaps its woes upon them. There's no Grand Meaning of Life, no Hidden Truth, not even a morsel of Hope left. Life just happens, and then it stops. Happy now?

Being slapped in the face with your own insignificance and mortality doesn't do most cutters much good. In fact, the Bleakers take it upon themselves to look after the ones whose tiny insignificant egos couldn't face being pointless and lost the plot. They're all cared for in the Bleaker's Madhouse. Charitable sods, the factioneers also set up soup kitchens throughout the poorest areas of the Cage to care for the poor, the destitute and the down-on-their-luck. Just because there's no meaning to life, it don't mean you shouldn't help feed a hungry mouth, berk!

So the Bleak Cabal take events as they come, trying to keep a grip on their sanity in a Multiverse slowly losing its own head. In time people will realise, when they finally get sick of looking for the elusive Answers. They'll never be found because they were never lost, see? They never even existed. And the sooner cutters realise this, the less suffering there'll be in the end...

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The Bleak Cabal

Bleaker factionner

The Scholar Mimir

Introduction: [coming soon]

Inside the Gatehouse: Non Compos Mentis

Being a Motley Collection of Dangerous Barmies Captured and Held most Securely inside the Criminally and Irretrievably Insane Wing of the Bleakers' Gatehouse

Faction Fraction: The Apologists

Being a Segment of the Bleak Cabal who're Sorry, so very, very truly Sorry

Philosophy by Numbers: Peering into the Depths of Pointlessness

A Bleaker gives us a Glimpse of his Final Solution; not that you'll find it much Comfort

Movers and Shakers: Words, words, words

What use are words in a Multiverse where there are no meanings?

Visionaries: The Faceless One

Who has come to Terms with Who she Is only by Forgetting her own Identity 
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