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The Athar

The Defiers, the Lost, the Deniers

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Believing in Disbelief

The latest in a long line of Athar rhetorical speeches has proved a great success with Cagers. Always looking for a new metaphor to use to bring the powers down a peg or three, Denzith Ab Plarok ( Prime / human male / 0-level / Athar / CG ) says that if a power is considered to be a human, then his proxies would be dogs - basically faithful, obedient, dumb, drooling slaves. Priests would be rats - sly and after as many crumbs of the human's food as possible. At the bottom of the heap, as always, are normal bashers, who'd be the equivalent of mice - vulnerable to abuse from any of the others. All the more reason why, argues Denzith, we don't let the powers get exactly what they want: Worship!

In another of his increasingly influential speeches, Denzith mocked one of the favourite claims of priests: That humans are the finest creations of the gods. If this is the case, Denzith argued, then these so-called powers ain't exactly fine craftsmen, are they!

I've collected several more examples of the philosophies filtering out of the faction at present, and offer them as freely as the faction Denies the Gods.

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Athar rabble-rouser:
"And what, my friends, were the 'Powers' doing
before they made the Prime and the Heavens?"

Priest heckler:
"Preparing the Hells for the likes of you!"

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The Athar

The Scholar Mimir

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Introduction: [coming soon]

Philosophy by Numbers: [coming soon]

Movers and Shakers: The Necroalchemists

According to these bloods, Death itself is a Sham, a Farce designed only to Benefit the Powers. And they believe they can Prove it.

Movers and Shakers: The Seekers of Truth

Nexatl seeks to prove the Unknown cannot be Learned but encounters Opposition from many Quarters

Visionaries: Doubter Xashion

Who fights the Powers with their own Weapons; her Belief in Disbelief strikes a Blow to the Hearts of the Faithful

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"Where is your god now, hrmm?"

- Athar looking at a priest in a tight Tanar'ri fix

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Copyright 1997 text by Jon Winter, art by Chris Appelhans

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