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The Revolutionary League
The Anarchists

An Anonymous Anarchist

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MERCYKILLER: "How do you get an Anarchist out of a tree?"
ARDHEAD: "Dunno."
ERCYKILLER: "Cut the rope."
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Pssst! Yeah, you! Over here!Anarchist Symbol

What are you doing, asking about Anarchists in such a public place? Haven't you ever heard that the walls in Sigil have ears, eyes, and even mouths? If you want to stay out of the dead-book in this burg of politics and philosophies, you'd better start being a lot more subtle than that!

So you want to know about Anarchy? You're asking the right mimir here, cutter...I've spoken with some of the best-known -- or should that be least known -- agents of the so-called faction, and gathered some fascinating darks for you. 'Course, it goes without saying you can't tell a living soul. Or even an undead one. Otherwise, you may well wake up to find something rather nasty in your bed, courtesy of an irate anarchist.

The Evolution of Revolution

What is anarchy? Is it just a bunch of power-crazed terrorists bent on causing harm, or do these secretive bashers have a real driving philosophy guiding them? Who are the factions' elusive leaders? What do they stand for? None of these questions is often asked, let alone answered.

Within me has been gathered chant and screed from several sources, and no, I'm not about to reveal them. You never know who might be listening. And if you've got any sense, you'll look over your shoulder just in case there are spying eyes watching what you're learning too.

May the dark be with you...

The Scholar Mimir

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The Revolutionary League

Anarchist Symbol

Introduction: Fighting the War of Ideas

[coming soon]

Philosophy by Numbers: The Politics of Anarchy

A philosopher anarchist reveals that there is a purpose behind the anarchic; though Julius the Symmetrical, as ever, finds the cracks in the veneer.

Movers and Shakers: Raspud Sasoon

An Guvner-turned-Anarchist, or a Guvner-turned-spy-in-the-Anarchists? In any case, he's a cutter to beware of, and no mistake!

Movers and Shakers: The Razorvine

The Chanter, a voice that speaks when all else in the Cage is quiet, an anarchist cell with ears always open and tongues always wagging.

Visionaries: The 'Loth Resistance

Led by a visionary who sees the peril that the yugoloths present, the 'Loth Resistance work to thwart the fiends' supposed grip on the Multiversal leash.

Cage Rattlers: Zeines Pauch

An anarchic Culler of S.I.G.I.S., now more Wanted than a Factol's favour
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- A cell of Anarchists, asked how many Anarchists
it took to change a torch:

"Just one.
Why sacrifice more effort when it
could be spent on other causes?"

"All of them! Only by a concerted effort
can the Revolutionary League..."

"Affairs such as torch-changing should be handled
by the elite (namely us) while the others concentrate
on ensuring a supply of torches for the future..."

The Scholar Mimir

"If we get in, we won't need them.
Infravision will be compulsory..."

"Torches are tools of corruption!
Extinguish them all!
We don't need them!"
Extinguishes torch
"Ouch!" Bangs head on wall
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Copyright 1997, 1998 text by Jon Winter, art by Chris Appelhans,
metalwork and mimir graphics by Jeremiah Golden

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